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Nursing Home Testimonial


Attorney Joshua D. Silverman specializes in nursing home abuse in Richmond. His team works to receive compensation for elderly nursing home residents who have been injured or abused, or compensation for loved ones should the neglect result in the death of the elderly person in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Silverman can recovery compensatory damages and punitive damages to punish a negligent nursing home.

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BRENDA: Tiffany had some health problems, and my husband and I had to make the decision to put Tiffany in a nursing home, which was very uncomfortable for us, but we knew she needed 24-hour care, and that's exactly what we thought would happen. But unfortunately, that did not happen. After the death of Tiffany, we decided that we needed to talk to a lawyer, because we could not get the answers we needed from the nursing home. After hiring Josh Silverman and Jonathan Petty, we realized that they got the answers that we needed for Tiffany. We found out that Tiffany did not get her breathing treatment that needed to be placed on her at night, and we also found out that the staff was sleeping on the job. It was important that we found out the truth with Tiffany. We wanted to find out exactly what happened that night, and only through Jonathan Petty and Josh Silverman were we able to do that. After finding out the answers that we needed, and after Jonathan and Josh got more into the case, we realized that they wanted to settle out of court. I definitely would recommend Williamson Petty LC to speak for their loved one in a courtroom.

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