Supporting the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

By Josh Silverman on August 28, 2017

Many of us in Richmond remember the devastation of the remnants of Hurricane Gaston dropping 10 inches of rain on us in a few hours back in 2004. I went to work that day expecting a soggy commute home, but I had no idea that Richmond would be shut down with massive flooding. Power was out in many areas including my house. I had to pick roads that did not have low lying areas to get home. It took my wife over 5 hours to drive 12 miles home. We were lucky. Businesses in Shockoe Bottom were destroyed. As bad as that was it is nothing compared to the devastation that communities around Houston are going through this week.  

What many people do not realize is that homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. Flood damage is insured through a separate policy. That is why In a few months we will hear that the total damage is multiple times the "insured damage." In the near term, the Red Cross is feeding tens of thousands of people each day. Their needs are vast and far beyond food and shelter. I have no idea what it costs the Red Cross to provide this life saving support but it must be tremenous. I am very grateful that the Silverman Law Firm is in a position to support the people of Houston through the Red Cross. If you are so inclined here is a link to donate.

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