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Surgical Objects Left Behind

Each year hospitals fail to remove 1500 surgical sponges, towels, and instruments from patients.  These mistakes are appropriately called "never events" because through proper operating…

Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 23, 2013

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  Tomorrow I will be appearing before the Virginia Board of Social Services to publicly comment against a proposed…

Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 15, 2013

Court Deadline Prevents A Man From Proving He Is Alive

A man mistakenly declared dead over 20 years ago, loses his petition to have the Court declare him alive.


Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 14, 2013

Staffing Requirements for Nursing Homes

Neither Virginia nor federal regulations require a minimum staffing ratio for nursing homes despite compelling evidence that a lower staffing ratio improves the quality of…

Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 12, 2013

More than 1/3 of All Seniors Who Fall Hit Their Heads

A recent study has found that 1/3 of all seniors who fall hit their heads putting them at risk for serious and fatal brain injuries.

Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 10, 2013

Short-Staff Harms Nursing Home Patients

Nursing home employees interviewed by an investigative journalist acknowledge that short-staffing hurts their nursing home patients as there simply are not enough hours in a…

Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 08, 2013

Is it a defense to an automobile accident claim that the accident was "unavoidable?"

The unavoidable accident claim fits in the category of defenses that are frequently claimed, but rarely successful.  Almost all collisions are avoidable with safe driving. …

Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 07, 2013

Is a sudden medical emergency a legitimate defense to a car accident in Virginia?

A sudden medical emergency may be a defense to causing a car accident in Virginia, but only if it was truly an unforeseeable medical emergency. …

Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 02, 2013

Government Shutdown Is Not Impacting the Federal Courts in Virginia (for now)

I was notified yesterday that the government shutdown will not be impacting the federal district courts in Virginia for now.  The courts have some flexibility…

Posted by Josh Silverman on Oct 01, 2013

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