Voter Registration Extended in Virginia Through Today

By Josh Silverman on October 21, 2016

In a refreshingly rare moment of bipartisanship, the Republican and Democratic leadership supported a motion in federal court to extend the voter registration through today. Apparently, the online registration system was overwhelmed during the last week to register and many potential voters were unable to register.  Under Virginia law, the governor could not extend the deadline without a court order.  The judge was pretty clear that he does not intend to extend it further than today, so you must register by today if you intend to vote.

Here is link to further information on how to register:

Folks please do not comment about the candidates or your political views here.  Frankly, you are not going to change anyone's mind and I know how these discussions tend to degrade very rapidly.  If you have an opinion (which I know you do) act on it by voting. 



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