Case results: Settlements and Verdicts

By Josh Silverman on April 24, 2014

We have been busy as can be the last few months.  Several cases are working their way towards trial this summer and fall, one case was tried recently to a successful verdict, and several other cases have settled.  In the past I have not posted many case results and instead focused on using the blog to share information about legal rights in Virginia.  I have decided to start posting more information about case results, both big and small, because having background about the legal basis of the different types of cases we handle and the results is educational and I'll admit it feels great to share good news.  Some of the verdicts appear small, but they mean a lot to our clients so I post them with pride next to the more eye catching results.

I am very cautious in posting case information to make sure that no information is traceable to an individual client because client privacy is given the utmost respect.  I hope you enjoy reading about these cases.

Here's your link to the case results:

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