Josh Silverman Elected Chairman of the Long Term Care Section of the VTLA

By Josh Silverman on March 30, 2014

Just got back from another great Virginia Trial Lawyers Association annual convention.  By tradition, mother nature almost always ignores the calendar and "treats" us to a late season snowstorm.  This year was no exception.  The food and drinks were great, but the highlights involved learning exceptional ideas from my colleagues in the seminars, in the hallways, and yes over drinks, and the energy boost the Convention gives me to return to the office and fight for my clients.  

If you need an energy boost just spend five minutes listening to attorney Tom Vesper who literally dumped a pitcher of water over his head in the middle of his presentation. There was plenty of drama and winter weather, but I also got to enjoy a private breakfast with an esteemed judge and learn many new tricks of the trade to help my clients.

This year I was humbled by being elected Chairman of the Long Term Care Section of the VTLA.  The section was founded by the late Roy Turner who inspired me and many others to fight for victims of abuse and neglect in nursing homes.  Next week we will host a Retreat on nursing home litigation in Richmond.  We will continue working with members of the Virginia General Assembly to protect the rights of nursing home residents and we will keep our eyes open for opportunities to improve the quality of legal representation for victims of nursing home neglect.

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