Josh Silverman Invited to Speak at VAELA Conference on "Assuring Quality Care in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities"

By Josh Silverman on February 15, 2014

In my law practice I am usually contacted only after a tragic event, so this program is a great opportunity to speak with elder law lawyers who work with clients before they are admitted to a Virginia nursing home or assisted living facility.  My hope is that I will share with them lessons learned from representing victims of nursing home and assisted living facility neglect on how to recognize problem nursing homes and steps their clients can take to promote obtaining quality of care. Below are some of the topics I will be discussing:

  • Current status of long term care in Virginia
  • Overview of the types of abuse and neglect that I have seen in my practice
  • Resources for spotting problem facilities before admission
  • How to obtain policies and procedures used by nursing homes
  • Dangers of arbitration clauses in nursing home and assisted living facility admission agreements and how to avoid them

The presentation is still being refined and I will post my PowerPoint presentation on following the presentation.  For more information about the program, here is a link to the VAELA website.

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