Nursing Homes Continue to Put Profits Over Patient Safety

By on April 09, 2012

It has been the battle cry for years of nursing home attorneys, that patients should come before profits.  This article published on the website of Familiies for Better Care shows that much work needs to be done.  Nursing homes are enjoying exceptional profits, yet it is not translating into better care.  One company is bragging about a 200% increase in profits.  The nursing home industry's increased profits are coming from cutting labor costs, which is accounting speak for reducing the number of nurses and certified nursing assistants hours to care for patients. 

Inadequate staffing is perhaps the number one cause of nursing home injuries.  Caring for total assist patients requires hard work and a lot of time.  A short staffed nurse is naturally going to be overwhelmed and unable to provide the time and attention each patient needs.  They lack the time to turn and reposition bedbound patients, conduct rounds, and to carefully ensure that patients are receiving the proper medications.  Mistakes inevitably happen.  Patients are at increased risk for developing painful pressure ulcers, falls trying to get to the bathroom, and receiving the wrong medications. 

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