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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are most commonly caused by automobile accidents, falls, and sports injuries.  They arise when the brain is subjected to unusual forces.  In a car accident, a person can suffer a brain injury by hitting their head against an object or the rapid stopping of the vehicle that pushes the brain against the skull.  They can even occur due to whiplash.  Symptoms of a brain injury include loss of consciousness even momentarily, alterations in consciousness like dizziness or confusion, amnesia, severe headaches, skull fractures and other visible injuries to the head.

In many cases, people can recover from brain injuries.  However, often times the injuries are permanent and catastrophic.  Medical bills can climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars within the first month after a traumatic brain injury.  Lifetime medical costs can exceed 1 million dollars.  The human costs are even greater.  A brain injured person may lose the ability to participate in family activities or maintain a job. 

Persons with brain injuries suffer from emotional challenges.  They often suffer from memory problems even difficulty remembering simple words and phrases.  These challenges are frustrating and lead to anger and anxiety which naturally puts stress on the whole family.

Litigating brain injury cases is challenging.  It requires a team of experts.  Radiologists may need to interpret the MRIs and PET scans.  Neurologists, emergency room doctors, and neuropsychologists may be called upon to prove the nature and extent of the brain injury.  These cases are aggressively defended.  The most common defense is to claim that the symptoms are all psychological (ironically "all in the head") and pre-existed the accident or fall. 

If you or a loved one suffered personal injuries due to a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident or a fall, please feel free to contact the Silverman Law Firm to discuss your legal rights.

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