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An accident on the road can cause serious injury and substantial property damage. Dealing with the aftermath can feel overwhelming.

Car accident attorney Josh Silverman in Richmond, VA, can handle every aspect of your case to ensure you receive the compensation you need.

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Are You Still at the Scene? Here's What to Do:

Whether you perfectly followed all of these steps or not, your next move should to be to hire a car accident lawyer...

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In car accident cases, time is precious. As you delay calling an attorney, evidence on the road is disappearing, witnesses' memories are getting fuzzy, and other drivers and their insurance companies are building a case against you. Plus, Virginia has a two-year statute of limitations on auto accident cases.

Contact Silverman Law Firm LC in Richmond, VA, today. We happily offer free consultations to car accident victims, so you have nothing to lose from letting our personal injury attorney take a look at your case.

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Car accident attorney Joshua Silverman can settle personal injury claims due to automobile accidents including medical bills and property damage. Silverman works with automobile accident victims to recover damages for emotional and physical suffering from the accident. He works on a contingency fee so he is paid only when his client is compensated for his or her injuries.

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Corey Boone


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Mr. Silverman was greatly helpful in advocating for me and providing clear and sound guidance after my car accident in the summer of 2019. He was easy to work with and his staff was very supportive as well.

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Lara Finnie


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Josh is thorough in his research, respectful in his approach, and caring in his demeanor. He is always a professional. Thanks, Josh.

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Why should you choose our Richmond, VA, law firm after an auto accident?

Our Proven Track Record of Success Significant Victories for Car Accident Victims

$1,350,000 Settlement

With the help of an accident reconstructionist, our team was able to recover compensation for the family of an 18-year-old woman killed by another driver's negligence. 

$800,000 Settlement

Our meticulous handling of an automobile accident case helped us recover compensation for a client who had serious injuries and required ongoing medical care. 

$200,000 Settlement

We helped a victim of an automobile accident recover just compensation after an insurance company offered an unfair settlement.

More Reasons to Choose Us

Individualized Attention

Josh Silverman started his own personal injury law firm in Richmond, VA, so that he could carefully manage his workload and give each client the individual attention their case deserves.

Contingency Fees

Our car accident lawyer works on a contingency basis, meaning that you only pay us if we win. Fees are taken as a reasonable percentage of the recovery at the conclusion of the case.

Respected Attorney

Josh Silverman in Richmond, VA, comes highly recommended by both previous clients and other attorneys. He has been recognized as a "Virginia Super Lawyer" every year since 2013.

What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation

All initial consultations at Silverman Law Firm, LC, are free. Prior to the meeting, you will speak with Mr. Silverman or his paralegal so we are prepared for the meeting. Most initial meetings last between one and two hours, but we take as much time as you need to answer your questions.

The starting point is to learn about what happened in the auto accident. We will also need to know about your health before the accident and any medical treatment you have had after the accident.

We always want to contact witnesses as soon as possible before memories fade. If there were witnesses to the car accident, please provide us with their contact information.  

You should also bring any insurance information. As part of an initial consultation, we will review your insurance company's coverage and all available benefits to you. In many cases, you are entitled to health insurance benefits, medical payments benefits, third-party liability benefits, and underinsured motorist benefits. You may also be entitled to insurance coverage if other relatives in your household have a separate automobile policy. Filing a claim on your automobile policy should not raise your premiums!

We will then discuss your legal rights and how we will go about protecting them.

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Hiring our car accident lawyer in Richmond, VA, will give you the best possible chance to receive all of the compensation you are owed. If you or someone you love is suffering because of a car accident, contact Silverman Law Firm LC online or call (804) 325-4992.

About Attorney Joshua D. Silverman

Personal injury attorney Joshua D. Silverman is a Richmond native who has been practicing Virginia law for 15 years. He and his team at Silverman Law Firm LC focus on providing clients individualized attention. He specializes in personal injury and medical-related injury cases including medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, auto accidents, and product liability.

Personalized Attention

"The privilege of having my own practice is that I have the ability to carefully pick my cases and give each client, every person who calls me, individual attention so I can answer all of their questions..." Josh Silverman

Types of Auto Accidents We Can Handle All of Them

The term “motor vehicle accidents” encompasses several types of accidents. The breadth and complexity of these cases require a detailed knowledge of the law to develop a strong legal strategy for clients. Our legal team handles claims for the following types of accidents:

Trucking Accidents

A particular hazard on the road, tractor trailers weighing up to 80,000 pounds can cause significant damage and catastrophic accidents if they collide with another vehicle. Accounting for eight percent of all road fatalities, trucking accidents are often caused by negligent commercial drivers who lack proper training, suffer from fatigue, speed, text, or drive while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs – all of which put the safety of others at risk.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, truckers on the road for more than eight hours are twice as likely to be in a trucking accident. Another recent study of large truck crashes found that 55 percent had a mechanical violation and 36 percent of the violations involved defective brakes. It should come as no surprise that a fatigued trucker operating a vehicle with defective brakes or another defective auto part may cause a fatal collision.

Blurred semi on highway

Car Accidents

More than 35,000 people are killed each year in car accidents, and the number of traffic deaths is trending upwards. A driver’s inattention (i.e. texting or talking on a cell phone), speeding, aggressive behavior, traffic violations, and intoxication are all lethal factors that can cause serious injuries and wrongful deaths. If you are injured in a car accident, here a few things to keep in mind:

  • First and foremost, obtain medical treatment.
  • Take photographs of the vehicle damage and any visible injuries.
  • Cooperate with the police, but do not admit to fault. Under Virginia law, in most cases, if you are partially to blame for the accident you are not entitled to recover.
  • If your car's safety features (airbags, seatbelts, etc.) did not function properly, please secure the car as evidence. Our car accident lawyer can help you with a product liability claim against the manufacturer.
Scene of car accident

Motorcycle Accidents

A driver’s inattention to the road is also one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents, which make up an estimated 14 percent of all traffic fatalities. With less protection on the road than car or truck drivers, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely than passengers in a car to suffer a fatal injury in a crash. With extensive experience in handling complex motorcycle collision cases, auto accident attorney Josh Silverman has represented numerous motorcyclists who were injured in motor vehicle accidents. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, please do the following after receiving medical attention:

  • Take photographs of the damage to the motorcycle and physical injuries.
  • Preserve the evidence. This includes saving the helmet, damaged clothes, and of course, the motorcycle.
  • Don't make any statements to the insurance company before contacting a lawyer.
Scene of motorcycle accident

Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the leading causes of car accidents and fatalities on the road. Drunk driving occurs in all types of motor vehicle accident cases – from trucking to pedestrian.

Drunk driving cases are complex. They require an understanding of how alcohol consumption affects motorists and how the body metabolizes alcohol. Critical evidence needed to prove the extent of the driver's intoxication can be lost over time. This includes witnesses to the driver's drinking on the day of the car accident. If we can prove that the driver's blood alcohol content (BAC) was over .15, then up to $350,000 in punitive damages may be recovered in addition to compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Policeman conducting DUI test with woman

Pedestrian Accidents

Negligent drivers cause a significant amount of accidents and serious injuries to pedestrians. In fact, 46 percent of pedestrian collisions are caused by drunk drivers or involve alcohol. Vulnerable to injury, pedestrians are more likely to sustain catastrophic injuries when involved in a car accident.

Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to hit and run accidents. Victims of hit and run accidents are not without a remedy. Our car accident attorney can work closely with law enforcement to help track down the driver. If the driver cannot be identified, there are other legal options, including filing a "John Doe" claim under any automobile insurance policy belonging to any relative in the pedestrian's household. If the John Doe driver is ever identified, criminal charges can be pursued and the claim can be amended to seek damages from the driver.

Blurred image of pedestrian crossing busy road

Bicycle Accidents

Personal injury attorney Josh Silverman is an avid cyclist (he rode over 3000 miles in the last year), so he knows how enjoyable cycling can be. At the same time, he knows the dangers. A distracted or careless driver can quickly cause a serious accident and put bicyclists at risk. Sadly, alcohol-related collisions account for more than one-third of bicyclist fatalities. As cycling has become popular in Virginia, these collisions are occurring more frequently. Understanding the sensitive nature of bicycle accidents, our car accident attorney will aggressively pursue compensation for you and your family.

Bicycle lane

Hit and Run Accidents

Perhaps the most morally reprehensible are people who cause accidents and flee the scene without rendering assistance. Legally, these accidents are referred to as "John Doe" collisions. If caught, the John Doe driver may face significant jail time. For the victim of a John Doe accident in Virginia, compensation can be obtained through the victim's own automobile policy and policies insuring relatives in the victim's household. In many cases, the victim can recover both compensatory damages and punitive damages. If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, there are legal deadlines that could cause you to lose your legal rights if you do not act quickly.

Scene of car accident

No Case Is Too Complex for Us Contact Us Today

After more than two decades practicing personal injury and car accident law in Richmond, VA, Josh Silverman has seen it all. The car accident lawyers of the Silverman Law Firm, LC, deal with all types of auto accidents, including:

  • Car accidents involving more than two vehicles
  • Car accidents that result in serious injury or wrongful death
  • Car accidents involving uninsured drivers

If you are recovering from a car accident that may be too complicated for an inexperienced lawyer, schedule a free consultation with our attorney today. You can request a consultation by filling out our online form or by calling

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Car accident Attorney Joshua Silverman can settle personal injury claims for auto injuries related to medical costs, lost income, and property damage. Silverman also works with clients who suffered personal injuries in automobile accidents to recover damages mental, physical, and emotional suffering from the accident. He works on a contingency fee, so he is paid only when a patient is compensated either through a settlement or at trial.

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"If you are looking for someone to handle your claim, who actually will care about you, then Josh Silverman is the attorney you have been searching for! Thank you Josh for the assistance!" Jeanne Jones - 5-Star Google Review - 2019

Determining Fault in an Auto Accident Case

If a driver fails to exercise reasonable care and caution on the road and causes a car accident that injures you, then he or she can be found at fault, and therefore liable for your injuries. Our law firm draws upon resources such as police reports, witness statements, local traffic laws, and accident reconstruction to determine who is to blame for the collision.

For accidents involving trucks, the commercial trucking company may also be held responsible. It is critical for your personal injury attorney to be knowledgeable about the trucking safety regulations, including maximum allowable time to drive between rests, safety equipment, and load securing.

With over 20 years handling car accident and injury claims, Josh Silverman will conduct a thorough investigation to determine fault in your automobile collision case, build a strong case against the person who caused the crash, communicate with insurance companies, and help you recover financial damages.

"I Would Recommend Them to Anyone"


Michael Van Ness


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I referred a client to Josh as I do not do personal injury and traffic incident types of cases.  Josh was extremely helpful to both me and the client.  I was impressed by Josh's intelligence and experience along with his interpersonal skills and genuine concern for the client.  I highly recommend him and his firm.

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Jason Mcclenny


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Silverman Law has represented myself and friends over the years.  Josh and Elizabeth have always made me feel like I am their only client.  I really appreciate not being "just a number" but being treated as their most important case.  I would recommend them to anyone needing legal help!  Jason

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Potential Sources of Compensation

If you suffered a personal injury in a car accident, insurance companies or the other driver may have to compensate you for:

  • Loss of income
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental anguish
  • Ongoing rehabilitation

Under Virginia law, you may recover for your medical expenses even if they were paid by your health insurer. You may also be entitled to recover for a personal injury if you were a passenger in a vehicle driven by a family member, even if the family member was at fault.
In cases of extreme negligence or wrongdoing, you may be able to recover punitive damages. By statute, drunk drivers and/or their insurers may be required to pay up to $350,000 in punitive damages as added punishment when their blood alcohol level is above 0.15 or their conduct is particularly egregious. Va. Code Ann. § 8.01-44.5.

Josh Silverman

Silverman Law Firm LC

At the Silverman Law Firm LC in Richmond, VA, attorney Josh Silverman and his team represent victims of personal injuries and medical malpractice. Josh Silverman has been recognized as a "Virginia Super Lawyer" every year since 2013 and was selected as a 2015 Top Rated Lawyer in Healthcare Law based on his AV Peer Review Rating in Martindale-Hubbell©.

We are available to provide individualized representation in a variety of practice areas, including:

To request a consultation at our firm, please fill out our online form or call (804) 325-4992.

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"By opening the Silverman Law Firm, I am able to carefully select cases where I can provide clients my undivided, individualized attention." Joshua D. Silverman

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